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Full Version: What are you listening to now?
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Noticed that we all sort of like to share our preferred music on our attendance threads so I thought I'd create a thread where we could share with the public what we are listening to.

Might even find something new and addictive to listen to!

Please don't post crap, don't start flame wars and don't go in off topic. Please don't spam. One embed per post should be fine

I'll start off.

I don't know why but this song takes me to some other place in my mind, somewhere I've been.. something I've done.. but I can't remember it. Feels good though.  Smile

I usually listen to alternative music but sometimes I just find something that hits a note with me.
You can find everything I listen on my profile 
Nicely sorted by artist or track  Wink

But to highlight something:
Something to get the blood pumping on Friday or Saturday  8) :

And then something a bit more suited for Monday. Smile

Getting ready for a hunting trip on the weekend, so obviously you have to listen to this  ;D

I feel so music-ignorant. It's been years since I really listened to music, was a fan of a ban or really missed music as part of my life. What I can offer here is a Pearl-Jam song, a band I really loved when I was in high-school:

Don't feel bad, there's plenty of time for you to catch up!

If you want to discover new music I can really recommend, as it has the "similar artists" part.

If you like pearl jam, then maybe the new Black Keys album  "El Camino" works for you:


[size=78%](wtf is wrong with the youtube tag and [/size][size ] stuff?[/size]
I've heard about before but somehow I always thought it was a radio station library or something Big Grin
Added you rundll to friends list, here's my account:

Think we are going need an epic song to start our gaming nights to boost the morale of the troops. Tongue Here is my suggestion for that song. Smile

love you guy's taste of music. Currently listening to this at the moment

Love this band. This video in particular is really cool Smile

Haha, I like it (both song and video) 

I see you listened to Tool, that's something I didn't do for a long time!
So here it goes:

Tool is one of my favorite bands rundll  8)
And here is something for the long workdays:

One of my first cassettes that I bought was blur, had an old sony walkman.. a lot of history with this band Smile

Seen live yeserday:

Seeing them play the guitar is like you're watching Jimi Hendrix... Damn good
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