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Hey guys,

Varanon recommended your clan, and from the looks of everything you guys are exactly what I'd enjoy in a coop group.

It took me a long time playing Arma2 to feel like I have _basic_ ability to play it; it is a very complex and demanding engine, but then the challenge is the best part. Looking forward to learning more about the game, military tactics and getting to know you guys!

I'm in Taxachusetts and I'm Eastern Time Zone so I reckon that Central Eastern TZ is about 5 hours ahead of me =  15:00 works fine on Sundays, and Tuesdays.

I have quite a bit of experience with TS, and PVP cooperative play from about one-year of playing EVE Online. I still have active accounts in that game but have not played for months. Got burnt out on the politics, and the 'work load.' I am currently DLing cwr2_demo4.rar (7hr 43min left!  :-[ even on broadband  :o) and after that will get the rest of the addons installed. With that long DL I probably won't make it for tonights session, but hopefully later this week. It is Spring Break for me, so I could do Friday this week.

Looking forward to meeting you guys!
Hey Anthropoid, welcome here!

You'll get used to our playing style pretty soon I guess, no worries about your skills!

If your download is slow, try another mirror, Armaholic tends to be slow in peak hours. is most times much faster.
Welcome aboard Anthropoid. Read the server rules, they include some simple instructions to follow and will help you get up to speed with the team. Go over this Teamspeak setup thread as well and install the suggested plugin in your Teamspeak. Highly recommended!
I'm having a helluva time getting that Cold War port packet installed. Might try to use Firefox, or if I have to resort to a torrent. Can one of you guys recommend a free torrent app that is NOT de facto malware?
I use utorrent.
Install this kind of software (uTorrent is good indeed) from  It will not hassle you with toolbars etc, and just install it the way it should.

Oh, but isn't ASK toolbar the worlds most efficient and useful tool ever created? I install it every time I download something totally not related to browser extensions!

But anyway, welcome on my part!
A welcome from me too Smile

also, remember that we play different addons on Fridays...
Heh, I am such a Bill Gates groupie . . . don't even have Firefox or Chrome installed on this machine. Just old habits die hard and IE (usually) treats me right.

Well, you gotta roll with the changes. I'll see about this free utorrent.
The Opera web browser also has built-in torrent support.
Making progress. I've got the CWR2 installed and running. However, it prompted me to say it wanted 1.6 of the application. I guess I've been playing with 1.59 all this time. Should I patch to 1.60, or 1.62 (which has a lot fewer hits)?

Also, one other question: I'm not familiar with any of those HUD / awareness mods. Could you guys recommend one of them to start with?

•ShackTac Fireteam HUD

ADDIT: also, when I start up with CWR2 running none of those missions show up in my SP mission list. I think I might not have that folder labelled correctly or something. I've got it setup like this with all the .pbo's inside:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\Missions\CWR2

I think maybe I need an "Addons" folder inside the CWR2 folder and then all the .pbos inside of that Addon's folder?

Fist: Everyone always used the latest stable patch, you won't be able to join a server with anything else. (except some beta patches, but lets skip those)

To see whether you're running CWR or not: Your main menu should change visually when you run CWR, also you should have the old islands like Everon etc in your mission selection screen.

Missions .pbo usually go right into your /Missions/  folder, without any subfolders. however, I think that default CWR2 missions are loaded trough your normal addons already. Note that CWR missions are all on the CWR Islands (Everon, Malden, Kolgujev, Nogova)

The HUD addons are a personal taste.  I'd recommend ShackTac Fireteam HUD + MK4 HUD .  Pradar is a bit outdated IMO.
(03-22-2013, 12:33 PM)Anthropoid link Wrote: [ -> ]Also, one other question: I'm not familiar with any of those HUD / awareness mods. Could you guys recommend one of them to start with?

I go with the mk4 addon. It works like this, if you press and hold space bar, every unit in your vicinity will get a popup text over their head stating their name and their number. The further away, the weaker it gets, until it stops completely. This way you can easily identify people around you, but are not magically aware of their position by the green square.

ShakTak gives you a little circle in the center at the bottom of the screen. It shows people relative to your position. It's neat, but it does not help to identify individual soldiers.

PRADAR finally works similar to mk4 but is a bit more obtrusive. It has the names of the players abbreviated at the bottom of the screen, so it is good if you are leading since the names will appear under the icons on the group.
Thanks guys, I guess I need to DL those islands too.

When I activate CWR in my Expansions and restart, it is definitely running cause the home screen for the game is completey different from A2OA vanilla. I just need to do a bit more 'tweaking' to make sure I got everything 99% setup. No doubt, even once I think I'm done there will be some little thing wrong or missing.

For now, I'm gonna go with the 1.60 patch, unless one of you guys say you are running 1.62. 1.6 is what CWR asks for and 1.62 says it needs 1.6 installed. Think I'll take my dog for a run and let this next DL finish; might even make it for tonight/this afternoon but most likely Sunday.
We're running the latest patch and I don't think you can actually connect with anything else, so you will need to patch the game to 1.62.
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