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Full Version: CiA PlayWithSix Profiles
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Sorry about that. Seems the last set of updates I did hadn't synced for some reason. Should be OK now.
It think it still didn't update CUP for me. Says current version is 1.2.1 and latest is 1.3.

I'm going to go nuclear again and wipe/restart the profile.
I've got CUP Weapons v1.3, CUP Units v1.1 and CUP Vehicles v1.0, which are the latest that I can see.

Make sure you've got the latest version of PwS by downloading it from here (there's a bug that's preventing the program from auto-updating to the latest version)

You should have v1.68.1220.2. Let me know if it's still not showing the right versions for CUP and I'll investigate further.
Profile updated. Please make sure you update before Thursday's Co-Op.


Massi's mods (@Massi-U and @Massi-W)
CAF Aggressors (@CAF_AG) and CAF Aggressors Audio Fix (@CAF_AG_AudioPatch)

You can delete the above folders from your HDD if you have no other use for them.

CUP Units (@cup_units) v1.1.1
CUP Weapons (@cup_weapons) v1.3.1

CUP Vehicles (@CUP_vehicles) v1.0.1
Minor update to add the necessary mods and configs for players to play as Zeus.

Added: @CiA-Zeus

There doesn't seem to be a way to add new custom repo mods to an existing Collection yet unfortunately, so please delete the old Collection and import the new one using these links.


The mods used rely on config files in userconfig/asr_ai3 and userconfig/tpwcas. I'm not sure if PwS updates these when installing the mods or when first launching A3, so the best thing to do is delete any files you already have in those folders before importing the Collection and then check after you've installed the new mods that the userconfig files are installed and if not, just launch A3 from PwS and then check again.
A minor minor update to add RHS ASR AI config into @CiA-Zeus. Only a couple of small files, which will automatically download next time you run PwS.
Added Alwarren's CiA_Fatigue mod.

Please delete the current Collection and import this new one:

Collection updated with latest version of Alwarren's CiA_Fatigue mod
CIA_Fatigue removed for now due to not working properly.
RHS mods (@rhs_afrf3 and @rhs_usf3) updated to v0.4

Please ensure you're updated for Sunday. It's a large download, so allow plenty of time.
Hi, the link to the pw6 website profile is broken.
(12-26-2015, 04:09 PM)Yakir link Wrote:Hi, the link to the pw6 website profile is broken.

Thanks Yakir, I hadn't updated the link in the OP. Fixed now.
Collection updated. This is a large update (CUP Terrain Pack alone is 9.7GB) so please allow plenty of time to update before Sunday's co-op.

AiA Terrain Pack

CUP Terrain Pack 1.0

CUP Units 1.1.2
CUP Vehicles 1.1.0
CUP Weapons 1.4.0
RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation 0.4.1
RHS: United States Armed Forces 0.4.1

There's an issue with PwS launching A3 without certain maps when using CUP Terrains instead of AiA Terrain Pack, so I've created a batch file you can use to launch it instead for now.

Unzip the attached file and then edit the .bat file in Notepad or similar and find and replace:
S:\Games\Arma 3\ - replace with the path to your Arma 3 folder
s:\games\arma3mods\ - replace with the path to your Arma 3 mods folder (you can use Replace All to replace all the instances of this very quickly)

and change -name=doveman to your own profile name.

The optional mods are at the end after @Thirsk so just delete the bits for any you don't want.
@CUP_TERRAINS might be removed from PwS. If it's not there when you go to update, please download it from one of these links and unzip it to your ArmA 3 mods folder, making sure the folder name is @CUP_TERRAINS with /addons directly under that, so that you can launch with the bat file from the previous post.
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