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Full Version: CiA PlayWithSix Profiles
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@ascz_a2_map_fixes-CIA (no longer needed)

CUP Terrains (Core and Maps) v1.2.0

This is a large update, so please allow enough time to update before Thursday's co-op.
The CUP terrains update is not mandatory for Thursday.
Roger, optional for tonight if you have time but otherwise don't worry about it and just get it for Sunday.

@CiA-Zeus - ASR AI3 v0.9.29
Profiles updated:

@FHQ_Weapons1.1 - v1.1

Profiles updated. Please update for Thursday.

@CBA_A3 v2.5.0.160711
@cup_units v1.7.0
@cup_vehicles v1.7.0
@cup_weapons v1.7.0
Another update for Thursday, to replace




which is a customised internal version which fixes the lighting.
Please update for Sunday.

@CBA_A3 - v3.0.0.160713
@task_force_radio - v0.9.9
More updates for Sunday.

@CUP_Vehicles v1.7.1
@CUP_Weapons v1.7.1
Everyone needs TFAR 0.9.10 for tonight but it's not on PwS yet. I've removed v0.9.9 from the profiles to simplify things but you'll need to do the following:

1. Make sure PwS isn't running, download this file and extract it to your A3 mods folder, so there's a @task_force_radio_0.9.10 folder there.

2. Launch PwS, select the CiA ArmA3 Collection and in the search box at the top type "task_force_radio"

3. Drag @task_force_radio_0.9.10 to the CiA ArmA3 Collection (or you can right-click on it and "Add to Active Collection")

3. Click on the CiA ArmA3 Collection and make sure that @task_force_radio_0.9.10 is ticked. If you're just using PwS to update mods and some other method of launching (batch file, etc.), then make sure you update the latter to launch with @task_force_radio_0.9.10 instead of @task_force_radio.
Updates for Sunday's co-op.

RHS (@rhs_afrf3, @rhs_GREF, @rhs_usf3) v0.4.1.1

@FHQ_SpectatorButton (no longer needed as BI have fixed bug)
Updates for Thursday's Co-op:



@CiA-Zeus - ASR AI configs for RHS AFRF3, USF3 and GREF

Both Collections:
@fhq_combatmode v1.1
@task_force_radio v0.9.11

ACE Collection:
@ACE3 v3.6.2
@CiA-ACE (RHS and CUP compatibility mods)
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