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Full Version: CiA PlayWithSix Profiles
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PwS is no longer supported by its creators. Please use our Arma3Sync profile instead.

It's really easy... click the link on the forum (with Internet Explorer, I didn't get it to work with any other). Once PwS comes up, check the profile and put a checkmark in all the optional addons at the bottom you want to include... once you have done that, click on the big yellow "Install" button bottom left, and have patience

If you already have PwS installed and configured, you just need to use either of these links to install our normal ACE Collection:



or these links to install our IFA3+ACE Collection:


To take the pain out of downloading and updating the mods required to play on the CiA servers, I've created some profiles for Play with Six (PwS) which will do most of the work for you Smile

So, if you haven't already, first thing to do is download and install PwS (or the newer version called "Sync", which may be more stable and easier for players to config)

1. Once you've installed and launched PwS, to adjust the settings for each game (ArmA2CO and ArmA3) click on the arrow on the Game tab (on the far left, the one that shows ArmA II Combined Operations in the picture linked below), to show the list of games. Then click on the game and Settings.

Above Startup Parameters, you'll see Mod and Synq Directories. The first is where the mods will be installed to and generally it's best to leave this set to the folder where ArmA is installed, whilst the second is where PwS stores the backups of the mods so that it can repair them if necessary and generally it's a good idea, certainly if you're using a SSD, to change this path to a different drive as shown in the picture.

In the Switches section, you'll probably want to tick the first three as shown, unless you don't want to run the beta for some reason.

[Image: Pw_S_Ci_A.jpg]

2. Now you can import the CiA Collections by using either of the links at the top of this post, which will automatically load PwS (I can't post the pws:// ones as links, so just copy and paste them into a new tab). They might only work in IE, so if you're using another browser and they're not working, try them in IE (or you can click on the Windows Start Button, click on Run (type run to search for it if necessary) and paste them into the box and press Enter).

3. Enable or Add any Recommended/Optional mods that you want to use, like ST_Hud, etc.

Some mods are included in the profile as Recommended, so you just need to tick each of the ones you want to use. For other mods you want to add, click on the Collections tab on the far left (second down) and double-click to activate the CiA profile.  Then, in the "Search Library" box at the top, type in the name, or part name, of the mod (Scope in the picture) and when you've found it,  click on the green +/to CiA ... area on the right.

[Image: Pw_S_Ci_A2.jpg]

Double-click on the Collection name from the list to return to it and you'll see the mod has been added to it, with a tickbox indicating that you can disable it, unlike the Required mods which are locked.

[Image: Pw_S_Ci_A3.jpg]

Once you've finished adding mods, if the Update button is showing, click that to let it update/install the mods.

5. Once it's finished installing/updating mods click on Join and PwS should launch Teamspeak (if not already running) and auto-connect and launch ArmA 3 and auto-connect to the CiA server.

Note: If you want to prevent PwS automatically launching Teamspeak, if you launch it manually yourself for instance, then click on Options - Settings and in the "Server Browser" section, untick "Auto Process Server Apps". It will still prompt you to launch it but you can click No.

[Image: Pw_S_Ci_A4.jpg]
Thanks a bunch for the tutorial, finally I get how PwS works. The interface is just terrible...  I haven't updated my mods yet, so this is perfect timing!
Currently downloading /updating, seems to work nice.  Too bad I need to start IE for the links to work Sad

I'll keep you updated if smth goes wrong
Cool, glad you found it helpful Smile Do let me know if you run into any problems.

I'll see if there's a way to not need IE, although once you've imported the profiles into PwS the first time you won't need to use them again unless you delete them from PwS.  When PwS is installed, it associates the pws:// links with the program but it appears to only do this for IE but I'm sure there's a way to do this with other browsers as well. What browser do you use out of interest?

I wanted to make the links clickable but the forum software seems to mangle any links that don't start with http:// so if anyone knows a way round this please let me know.

EDIT: It seems you can avoid loading IE and just paste the links into the Windows Run box if you prefer. I use Classic Shell so see Run when I click on Start but if you're using the normal Start Menu, you can just type Run and it will find it for you Smile
Yeah, the forum needs to be configured to allow non-http links, I'm using Chrome but your method works too (type "run" in the start menu, and paste it there, not a biggie when it's only one time.

Updated the notes about enabling DLC and also to check for Dayz files in @NC if the server isn't visible in the server browser.
Doveman can you please update the profiles with Caribou Frontier?
(08-25-2013, 09:41 AM)Variable link Wrote:Doveman can you please update the profiles with Caribou Frontier?

Hi Variable

I would but it's not on the Six Network yet. I've posted a request for it to be added and will keep an eye out and update the profiles when it is.

Hope to catch you for a game sometime, been mega busy lately unfortunately.
Yeah, it's been a while since you played! Looking forward to seeing you again. I won't satchel blow you next time, I promise...

No problem about Caribou, we'll wait. Thanks!
For some reasons CWR2 doesnt work for me in play with six. If i filter the addons with cwr2 i get 1 Island and 2 hits in Armies, but not the main cwr2 pack. My fault or has something changed in PWS?

EDIT: Just saw, that a update via PWS is now available, so i guess it will work again shortly...
I've been testing the latest PWS beta and it seems a bit of a mess at the moment and doesn't show any imported modsets, although if I use the PWS:// links it does seem to load the profile but it doesn't save it, so I have to load it again with the link next time  ???

So I recommend anyone holds off updating to the beta for now. If you're using the stable version, I don't think it offers the beta yet and it's a manual download but watch out for it anyway.

EDIT: Apparently this bug has been fixed in build 631, which should be available later today, so it might be safe to test that but you might want to stick with the stable until it's confirmed. Note that the beta moves to a new packaging method called Synq and this converts the old Rsync folders to Synq, meaning that you can't just switch between the beta and stable easily, so that's another reason to hold off updating to the beta until it's confirmed it's working OK.
OK build 631 seems fine and will auto-import your settings from the previous stable, so it's probably safe to update. Build 633 has just been released and the stable will probably be released in a few days, so you could wait for that if you don't want to mess around with betas.
Hi Variable

Caribou Frontier finally got added to Six, so I've been able to update the profiles now. Please find them in the attached zip file.

For those who've already downloaded it manually, Six uses the folder name @CaribouFrontier , so just make sure your's is named that and it won't need to download it all again.
Thanks Doveman!
Kenwort, can you please update the profiles?
I noticed this yesterday, and It was installed before I knew it. Thanks!

Kenwort has updated the profiles.
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