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Full Version: Mirror's Edge in VR
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Absolutely mental!
I wonder how this was made besides the choreography part of traceurs and freerunners :o but it looks really nice.
Apparently this was done in Croydon, which is quite near to me although I don't know it well enough to recognise it.

Yeah, the editing/post-processing is almost as impressive as the parkour. It says in the notes "Edited & graded entirely in After Effects".
The original Mirror's Edge had a very peculiar art style that I liked a lot. It was mostly shades of one primary color and a complementary colors, like green and red, while the city was mostly white and light blue. It made for a very striking style.

Now, apparently, they are going for the usual gritty realism look that is so realistic you can count the baddies nose hair. Too bad, I really preferred the more artsy style. At least it was pleasantly different from the rest.
Not surprised it's done around the UK. You guys got a nice parkour/freerunning scene around London. Parkour Generations is my favorite though (since they stick to the old spirit and origins).
Geez, I skipped the beginning of the video and though it was a real footage.