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Full Version: Smartphone reccomendation
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My 2 year old windows phone went kaput recently and im looking for a new phone. What im looking for is a phone that the fastest loading time in menu switching, browsing, sending texts, etc.. this is the most important criteria for me a.. Ive never cared for quad core or 2gb ram since i dont play games or download many apps in general, i like to keep it simple and slick. I dont care about brand just the operating speed and reliability. I would get anything even if it was some strange brand and not an iphone or samsung as long as it performs better.

Btw, ill be able to get back into arma for a few months after november, really dont have the time for 2+hour gaming sessions these days. Hope you missed Watchmen's feeble fire support!!(ill get better i promise) Big Grin
Hi, you didn't specify your budget, which is really the most important here.
Do you have an OS preference? (Windows, Android, iOS)?
What screen size are you looking for? Do you have it in your pocket all day?
Personally, I had a Sony Z1 for a good while now and quite happy with it.
Like Alwarren, I'm very happy with Xperia phones. I like the clean, unadorned look, both in design and in the software. And the camera is a 20.7 MP beast
(08-24-2015, 08:07 PM)rundll.exe link Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, you didn't specify your budget, which is really the most important here.
Do you have an OS preference? (Windows, Android, iOS)?
What screen size are you looking for? Do you have it in your pocket all day?
No budget, if its what i want ill pay for it. Well i will be using it for at least 2 years so its worth the investment
I've had an Xperia V for a while, but the WiFi gave up on me. And the battery life wasn't the best either. But hey, it was water-resistant (3m underwater), and the build quality was good.

I have recommended the Motorola Moto G to numerous people, mainly because it's so cheap for what you get. They all seem happy with it. However, it isn't the fastest, and my girfriends Moto G tends to get slowish when you install a lot of apps.

I have a (1st gen.) Moto X, and it's the fastest phone I've used. That's basicly a Moto G, but with better hardware. It's never slow (only if an app hangs, but that's the app's fault), and the battery life is acceptable. It recently got an update to Android 5, which makes it a little bit faster.

Motorola phones run on a "bare" version of Android, unlike Samsung or HTC phones, which come with a graphics layer that may (or may not) degrade performance. 
For the same reason I can recommend Google's Nexus series, however they are too big for my taste.

Note that Android is a bit like Windows, it get's sluggish when you have a lot of badly written apps running in the background. (and that includes "the bigger guys" like Facebook / runkeeper) . At all times, disable notifications of apps that you don't really need, because they can keep Anroid in the "awake" state...
Regarding Xperia water resistance: I've made underwater pictures with it (in a lake, I am not sure that salt water will work). And while it works, technically, it's impossible to use the touchscreen under water since just getting in the vicinity will already trigger something... so, while it is of course great that the phone does not break when submerged, it's also not ideal if you are thinking of using it as an underwater camera.
I am quite happy with the one plus one i have for almost a year now, quite fast, works reliable. one of the biggest pros for me was that you are allowed to root it and install any android you want and dont have to cope with bloat ware.... and its  € 299,00 for the 64 GB version which was also a reason i got it (also it was doing better in benchmarks than any other phone last year). there is supposed to be a one plus two coming out soon, but i didn't read anything on it yet as i have a phone i am happy with and in the beginning the One had some problems of which the last was fixed in February this year so I wouldn't go for that.
Thanks guys, will check out these models and look at some reviews