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Full Version: DCS World: The Debriefing Thread
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As the title suggested, a place to comment on the missions played.
Great flying yesterday. I don't remember too much of the missions just that it was fun and I had some problems with setting the sabre up and finding targets.

In the end I think we were hunting each other for a good 2.5 to 3 hours. In the beginning we chased each other on cloud level and Sithis and me had the advantage. After 45 minutes we decided that we would fight closer to the ground and Sithis and me started dying more frequently until we finally remembered that our strength was our ability to outclimb the spitfires in our p51 and bf109k4.
So Sithis and me would prey on the spits from cloud level dive for attacks and climb back to safety.
Or one of us would go in, provoke them to follow into a steep climb so the other one of us would have near stationary, stalling, spits as targets.
The last run was the most noticeable for me as Sithis and me did a track the spits from the rear, me running in in front as bait and Sithis following to make the kills.
I ended up between the spits and was able to damage a cooler so one of the spits was trailing white smoke and Sithis scored similar hits on the other one. Having two clearly marked targets that were now trying to get us into a turn fight we decided to climb and plan the next attack on them. From up high we were only able to spot one of the spits. They had separated. We drove on that spot and after 3 attacks it was heavily smoking and in a climb apparently over-g'ed his damaged plane and a wing came off.
Even though he was trailing white smoke it took us a while to spot manuel we dove for attacks, I damaged his engine badly as he later told us and Sithis tried to kill him, u fortunately getting himself killed (something that happened to all of us... Mostly to me over-g'ing my plane while coming out of a long shallow dive being too fast).
Manuel used his chance and landed the plane.

Even though I am not much of a fighter pilot (looking arround using the num pad is quite cumbersome... I need to come up with something else) it was a lot of fun to me... Maybe if there is a good offer on a sale I will get the bf109k4 after all to we can do some ww2 action with proper planes

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The first mission we flew was the one where 2 Mirage and 2 A10s faced Mig29s and Su25s: First time in a long time we had to deal with a low overcast, and I think it added to the hunt especially when we were taking out the SU25s. Still, don't know where number 4 went, but getting an aerial gun kill with the A10 is always something special.
The second mission was the airport assault, and I think when providing CAS with Hueys and Sabres/Mustangs a Controller who can drop smoke is the way to go. I think that is what we were missing most. Also, they seem to have reduced the number of tracers which makes AAA so hard to find.
Last but not least the dogfights were a joy. I love my Kurfürst and fly it way too seldom. Giving up speed at low altitude is a quick ticket to the grave if Spitfires are around, so I had to do some weird aerobatics and loopings to end up in shooting position and to anticipate a turning Spitfires movement for so long is less than an easy task.
It looks like Normandy for everybody is still a long way away, but I am interested tosee what happens after the merger. We should certainly be flying more Nevada missions after that and maybe we will even get more people with Normandy.

After we finished I was curious and did some more testing in the Gazelle. Turns out in a low attack pattern neither tanks nor AA wil hit  you even if you fly pretty straight at them. However it is quite important to have some kind of cover, because as soon as you break away everything will start launching on you. So some cover at 4km or less would be ideal.
Finally we were able to fly again. Was a little afraid the first UH1 mission would be to boring, but once we were low level evading in formation checking each other for damage while evading bridges I was pretty happy with it.

I changed the 2nd mission a little to make it more interesting for the CAS birds and am working on a third one that is transport only.

In the meantime I got a bunch of A10 missions ready for next time.