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Full Version: DCS World: Mission Ideas
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Thought it would be a good idea to a threat like this for DCS.

So here's one:
Ship SEAD with Viggens, Mirages for escort
Search and destroy an enemy ship convoy using the Viggen. Mirages provide protection from enemy fighters.
I don't know  the capabilities of the Viggen's radar, but if feasable I would only provide a rough idea of where the convoy is and let the player actually look for them, rather than placing them at/close-to a waypoint.
you can find single ships with it that are 120 km away ... even though i learned that i need to clean my monitor since those contacts are really really small Big Grin
I have been wondering about trying to find a ship (or group of ships) with the viggen, so it can give the rough coordinates (rather its own grid and heading plus range to the ship) to an a10, wich then could try aquire the same target and ,with its targeting pod, get its accurate position which the viggen could input into their computer for an RBS 15 attack ... I will need to try if the RBS 15 thing will work the way i thing, but from reading the manual, i think this should be doable
Researching for a P51 campaign. I found this

"..four P-51s were specially detailed to cut telephone and telegraph wires using their wings in extreme low level runs, which resulted in major interruptions to Egyptian communications."

Holy shit
Night attack on RU airbase, Harriers need to clear with SEAD for A10s to come in and mop up grounded enemy jets. Reinforcements if you don’t clear enemy airspace in certain time limit.
Believe me, I'm primed and ready for that kind of mission Wink