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Full Version: Tac-Ops: After-Action Reports Thread
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Tac-Ops brings Arma's "choose your own path" moto into its extremity. There are so many ways to approach the missions (and I have played only two by now), that I think it will be very interesting how people chose to completed the missions. So, share your Tac-Ops experiences! I'll start. Naturally, spoilers 

Beyond Hope
During the briefing, I marked the lost squad's path. My plan was to follow it, or at least observe and look for them. After venturing into the enemy heartland, I spotted several patrols and moved in along the lost squad's trail, avoiding them. I had to stop several times and let them move away, ensuring that when my team moves, we will not get spotted. 

I marked the map with landmarks I managed to spot, which were first only a burned out Strider and a distant smoke column. I still didn't spot any significant targets to mark for artillery fire missions when I found the survivor. I sent him away and climbed on the nearest hill. From there I was able to mark one of the enemy strongholds. The survivor reached safety and I was informed that he passed intel about an enemy mortar site, that was the smoke column I saw, probably from a campfire.

I moved towards the mortar battery and as I ascended higher hills, I spotted more strongholds, the captured squad by a warehouse, and an enemy Gorgon IFV. At that point there were patrols all around my team, and we layed in cover. I split my team in two, and assigned targets to each soldier. We were in hitting distance from the mortar battery although we didn't see any yet. Just some sentries. 

I decided it's time to call in the fire missions. I realized that I was limited to three, so I selected the Gorgon and two strong-points guarding the attack routes into the town. My team will attack the mortar site itself.

I ordered in the fire missions and waited anxiously as I had patrols around me in less than 100 meters. The first rounds impacted in the distance. The Gorgon was burning, its crew dead besides it. We opened fire as we heared the distant gunshots of the main attack force. 

*Thump*, *thump*, the mortars opened fire. That's according to my devilish plan but we have to be quick. I kept a suppression team with my machine gunner and assaulted up the hill. We took out a team that tried engage us as we climbed up. I reached the wrecked building on the hilltop. I heard a rifle firing behind the wall, I leaned and shot, killing two greenbacks. I lead my team right of the house and ordered my suppression team on the left. We saw the mortar gunners and killed them, leaving the tubes intact.

I set up a forward observation point on the wrecked building and as Stag puts it, put my optics to use. I had my team in line with me, right and left of the building and they engaged distant enemies. I didn't care whether they hit or not as long they kept them suppressed. The attacking friendlies will eliminate them easily if I'll manage to keep the enemy heads down.

And now for my devilish plan. I ordered my number 5 into one of the mortars. I chose targets and ordered the AI to "Fire mortar (or was it 'artillery fire')?" The AI fired at the point I looked at, or the point I marked on the map and we scored accurate hits. When we couldn't spot any targets, we rearmed, and boarded an enemy truck. We headed towards the lost squad who were cuffed by the warehouse. I un-cuffed them all, and they took arms. We got back to the truck and now only the town remained.

I drove from the back of the town, directly opposite from the direction the friendlies attacked. I hoped to shoot some backs. That worked and we engaged down the road in staggered column, taking out the defenders who took cover behind barricades, but were completely revealed to us. Mission accomplished, good run.
Beyond Hope

First mission.

I moved north from the camp site looking for the lost squad. The area was well patrolled. I was headed for a hilltop which I would hopefully get a good view of the area; it turned out it was a strong point. I wanted to pull back but was already discovered, so we fought our way up the hill and occupied the point. I used the static machine gun to scan the area, when one of my guys reported an APC. I found an RPG-7 among the dead guys. At this point I was assuming that the attack would start when I order in the artillery strike. As it turned out, blowing up one of the APC's was enough. It was a beautiful 600 meter shot on a driving APC, and I actually hit and destroyed it. My guys thought this was the signal and attacked the town.

I got orders to take out a mortar position a bit further north, so I left one guy in the machine gun to mop up stragglers in the town and moved the rest north. The mortar crew detected us, and dropped an effing mortar shell on us. After re-loading^H^H^Hreincarnation, we managed to shoot the mortar gunners and clear the site, subsequently using the mortar to shell the northern part of the town that the enemy troops had fortified in. After a short struggle, the battle was won. 

We never found the lost squad.

Second Mission.
(Mechanized Infantry)

Capturing the strongpoint wasn't really very difficult, the APC's and infantry made short work of it. A few stragglers had hidden in the buildings, but after about ten minutes, the point was ours. My CO ordered me to take command of the APC to hold back the counterattack that was expected to come from the east. I placed my APC behind some HESCO barriers and awaited the attack.

And boy, what a mess. We had three Gorgons against one Kuma MBT, two enemy Gorgons, two Moras, and a load of infantry mounted on trucks and armed Striders. My gunner was an idiot, so I took over the gun and managed to take out the Kuma and one Mora with the Titan missiles. One of the allied Gorgons took out the second Mora, but in the end I was alone against two more Gorgons and infantry. At one point I went for re-arm, but was immobilized and had to use the rest of my machine gun ammo and 30 mil to fend off the rest. With a smoking Gorgon, we finally managed to fend off the counter attack.

Stepping Stones

First mission (Spec Ops)
The spec ops team was to find and eliminate a mortar position that was harassing friendly troops. Apparently the mortars were highly mobile and therefore could not be adequately traced. While I was observing the area, I heard the tumb of a mortar and saw the muzzle flash, but there was only a truck there. But on the cargo of the truck I spotted the mortar which was firing from the bed of the truck. I got closer, which wasn't easy since the truck was moving, and finally managed to shoot the gunner. Opening up on the driver, we managed to make him crash the truck into a tree, placed a C4 on it, and blew it up. Mission accomplished, head for extraction.

Or not.

HQ asked if we could identify enemy armour at a point more or less opposite of were we where. You don't say no to HQ, so we moved into a high position on the slope of the hill to observe, and the armour turned out to be scrap metal BMP-2's from the Cold War on Malden (te-he). Right as we were heading for exfil (again), we got a message from HQ (again) asking us to take out another mortar position that, according to locals, was located on the southern part of our AO.

So we set out again, and ran into a CSAT patrol that immediately murdered my squad, leaving me alone to deal with the mortar. I reached the point and killed the occupying force (four soliders and a mortar gunner), then grabbed the pickup and drove (finally) to exfil.

Second Mission (Mechanised Infantry)

Pretty straightforward mission, we had to clear Houdan, then proceed to an ammo dump on the beach and clear that one, and finally help with the assault on Dourdan. On the way to the beach we were ambushed from a two-story house that we had to clear in order for a safe approach. The ammo dump was well defended, but we made it nonetheless. At this time, I had lost three guys.

We were recalled to a rally point to meet up with the Namer APC and proceeded to assault Dourdan. The APC ran out of ammo, so it all came down to my squad. An armoured counter attack decimated my team to two guys (myself and one other). I had run out of medical supplies, so I left my guy in cover (he was injured and was limping) and went out to search for AT assets. I found a Titan which I used to kill one T-100 and a Marid. There was a second T-100 and a BTR-K in the town. I remembered there had been an enemy AT emplacement a bit further south, so I went there and found an RPG-32 with two rockets. With one I took out the BTR-K in town (nice 300 meter shot). The second one, I was looking for the remaining T-100. Sadly, it spotted me first. It was parked behind a couple of bushes. I managed to dodge into cover, and used the slope of the hillside I was on to relocate. I could still not spot the tank itself, but figured that it was right behind the bushes. I fired my RPG-32 through the bush, and was rewarded with a satisfying explosion. Mission accomplished.
Stepping Stone
We advanced from point to point as ordered and at one point I received an APC under my command. I ordered my team in and had the driver take us south of the objective. I put the APC on overwatch on the road and advanced on the left side of the road using the buildings as cover. I prioritized the AT threats and my team and APC did most of the work. Mission accomplished.

As the specops team leader we had to hunt for that mortar team. I decided to clear a suspected compound and had some contact. My team reported a mortar but I could not see it myself. It took some time to realize that the patrolling truck was carrying it. Now it all made sense. I put my team behind a low rock wall and we waited for the truck to arrive. Few suppressed bursts and the driver and the gunner were dead. I tried to man the mortar but couldn’t. I attached explosives and detonated. We managed to sneak in close to next mortar we had to take out. We reached the compound it was firing from undetected. I placed my team at the corners of the building and I snuck in. I saw the head of the gunner and I popped him. At that second my team opened up on a patrol that came around the corner. I joined them and with my rifle took out one of the Africans who fired on my medic. Luckily, no one was badly injured. We boarded an enemy truck and took off.
Beyond Hope

I decided to take a route of the patrol. However that plan was scrapped when I saw a burning MRAP (?) just upon entering search area from the south west. There I found one of the guys from the missing squad, escorted him to a lone house and got info that others were captured and taken to warehouse of sorts. 

I decided to stick to the west side of the area and just a little more later I stumbled upon encampment with static MG. I managed to get rid of it from behind, also taking a nearby patrol. That got the attention of armed technical which came by but luckily I had rpg to kill it quickly. 

After that I spent some time looking around because the encampment was great vantage point from which I could see almost entire area. I identified several enemy camps, some tanks and also saw captured squad in one of these camps. I call the artillery on two of these tanks and also on suspected mortar position. Also, I used one more rpg rocket on enemy APC which got rid of all hard targets. 

We went to check mortar position if it's completely destroyed and found one mortar still active. I opted to destroy it and got away before reaction force comes. Wen south toward captured squad and found all their guards dead (?!). I freed them so we could proceed to the  city, but buy the time we got there there were almost no enemies left. So, we won!
Steel Pegasus
Mission 1
When I regained consciousness, I quickl picked up some of the equipment that was scattered around me. GPS, radio, Vector SMG, some ammo, and smoke shells. As I was gathering stuff, I saw distant headlights approaching my crashed plane. A truck full of AAF on its way to investigate the crash site. I bugged out, ran as fast as I could to the north because I saw a crate parachuted there. I found it, and felt safe to approach it, having distant myself from the AAF investigation party. The crate contained explosives and I some with me.

The radio crackled and a downed pilot reported in. I lifted the rangefinder and scanned the horizon. I spotted the flaming wrecks of a Blackfoot, and decided to come to the rescue.

When I got close I saw one pilot covering another pilot, lying unconscious on the ground. After a short argument, we decided that the guy stands no chance and that we need to leave. At that point I spotted a team of AAF moving on our position. I quickly placed two Claymores between them and the downed chopper and retreated. They spotted us and opened fire. Me and the pilot took potshots at them - since I wanted to lure them towards the Claymores, suppressing would halt their advance. When their leader reached the helicopter, I detonated. I didn't wait for the smoke to dissipate, and moved away.

We were engaged by two patrols and I had to revert several times to get passed them with me and the pilot alive. Thank Varanon for the auto-combat mod, I wouldn't have managed to keep the pilot with me without it. At one point I ordered him to drop his smoke shells and popped them, and we managed to evade.

I moved to the pinned specops team. I ordered the pilot into the little building on the right and had him covering the entrance with his short range Vector SMG. The area was covered by fire from AAF teams from the front and the right side. I opened the backpack of one of the operators as he was firing and took some bounding mines and Claymores. I deployed smoke in front of him and crawled into it to place the Claymore (using bounding mines lead to friendly deaths due to the enormous blast radius. The Claymores are great because of their front only blast). 

On my way in I found a body of an AAF team leader and took his 40mm equipped assault rifle and his vest. I crawled back and took several hits doing so. I patched myself behind the wrecked offroad and started to return fire. I moved to the building on the left and engaged with 40mm and accurate shots. When they got close I detonated the Claymore. At that point I took fire from the back and turned around. Me and the specops team's sniper engaged. Delighted, I saw a bunch of bodies piled up in front of the pilot's shack. When it cooled down we rearmed and I moved to the RV.

Mission complete.