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Full Version: UH-1 Engine Update
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We had a lot of exploding engines last week due to the UH-1 update.

In short engine management has been introduced and exhaust temp. needs to be kept below 600°. Going above 600° for more than a minute or two and your turbine will take damage until it explodes.

This limits the power of the UH-1 a lot. A full Gunship at 20°C hovers above 700° exhaust temp. So I did some testing.

At 90% MTOW, the UH-1 can still do 80kn and hover at 600° at MSL with 5° outside temp.
90% MTOW is Full Gunship on 36% fuel without door guns.

Higher altitude, longer range or higher outside temperature means you will be pulling an UnNamed.

This would mean either not taking guns or rockets.
However, you need guns to suppress AAA, and you need rockets to kill APCs. So I smel some high altitude missions coming up with roles split between the UH-1s. Or we just stick to the guns and let Etzu´s Mi-8 bring ALL THE ROCKETS!