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Full Version: Flying in 2.5
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Hey guys I am finally back in Europe and working on missions. Next two weekends I sadly wont be able to fly, but that only means I can built even more missions for the time after Wink .

It would be of great help if everybody who is currently flying or is about to start let me know which two or three aircraft he is focusing on and which maps he owns.

Cheers guys, see you at the ramp
Maps: Nevada and Caucasus
Planes: A-10c, planning on learning the F-5 and the Black Shark (And I do own the Ka-50, F-5, Mi-8 and Huey, but no clue how to even get them in the air)
Caucasus, Nevada, Normandy

A10C, AV8, M2000C, UH1, SA342, Spitfire, Mustang, Hot Air Baloon, Parachute

In a pinch I should also be able to handle the MiG21 and F86
Maps: Caucasus, Nevada, Normandy
Aircraft: A10C, AV8, UH1, M2000C, SA342, Mi8, Spitfire, KA50 (still learning)
i got caucasus and Normandy

always A10 for me , but AJS-37 is also always great.... not too sure about the UH-1, i didn't test it after the engine update
Nevada and Caucasus here.

Willing to fly and die in A-10C, Mirage, Huey, Su-25, F-15. Should practice F-86 and F-5 more but will be ready if required.

If you want to fly WW2 I can get some plane to join you.