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Full Version: Projects in the Mountain (SP/CO12)
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A group of bandits have set up camp in the mountains to the east of Arudy. They demanded that the citizens surrendering all of their valuables, children, and spouses to them than march to their death but the citizens of Arudy refuses, so the bandits shall bring death to Arudy around 5:30 AM. It is currently 5:15 and they are refueling their technicals to drive into town and indiscriminately mow down everyone. We must prevent this onslaught from happening and took up some weapons at our encampment to the southeast of the Bandit's camp. We have a car to drive up into the hills and take out the bandits before they attack our people. This is our only hope.

Note: Quick clean sweep type mission to test out my mission editor loader 

Workshop Link:

- Spectator Slots 
- Zeus Slots 
- Side Respawn 
- Dedicated Server compatible 
- If started in singleplayer, you will have more friendly AI reinforcements
- If optional low player count mode is on, there will be more friendly reinforcements (only if players do not occupy other teams)
Yay! A new Phantom mission!
Its very simple burgerking though :o
Updated mission to fix messed up player count by a bug in my script loader.
Great mission! Completed. I suggest to shorten the timer for the attack to 5 minutes. This will open up tactical options like ambushing down hill from the town.
Updated to shorten timer for attack to 5 minutes.
Added TAW View Distance and set enemies to SAFE
Fixed low player count mode not spawning in extra friendly AI to help you (noticed this while playing with a friend).