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Full Version: Tactical Cannon Fodder - TRGM2 joint operation
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Twitch feed of the night Smile

2nd short TRGM2 mission (skipped to 30mins when we were on boats moving to AO)

Im going to be hosting a TRGM2 mission this Saturday night, will guess about 15 players from my group will be on, have another group interested, and reaching out to you guys too... will be amazing to have you join us for this event

Mission wont be a rushed mission, there will be some walking, and strict one life only!

Server Details:

Arma3 Server IP: 
Password: apples2

TeamSpeak IP: 
Password: apples

Start time
Joining server from: 19:30 uk time, with an aim to leave base at 20:00pm (uk time)

Required Mods:




Allowed additional mods:

Blastcore Edited (standalone version)

Enhanced Movement

DynaSound 2


ShackTac User Interface and ACE3 for sure, will try to limit number of mods so its easier to join

[Image: Mission-1.png]

[Image: roster.png]
I'll try to be there! Any idea what the ace medical settings will be like?
Dalken Wrote:I'll try to be there! Any idea what the ace medical settings will be like?

Hey, thanks for your interest : )  our Ace settings are on advanced (as advanced as possible lol)

have updated the OP with a roster now... if the team medics are just field medics, just need to stop bleeding, may be able to give some blood but limited... it will be down to the casevac medical team to treat the patient if required

Are you interested in a medical role? let me know, and i can reserve a spot for you : )

Also... anyone else reading this, give me a shout if you have a desired position (if you are about 85% sure you can make it, i will reserve a spot for you)
Ah, i don't know enough about ace medical to play advanced medical. I'm interested in AR/MG otherwise.
I don't know enough about advanced ace medical. I know simple enough medical with bandaids, morphine for pain, tournaquet for stopping bleeding and whatnot so I'll take a grenadier, MG, or ammobearer-ish role.
Dalken, if you enjoy medic role, then the medics in the kilo sections are just field medics... basically just riflemen with more bandages and some basic knowledge of ace medical.... they are there to stop bleeding, monitor patients, and talk to medical casevac team if called in.

Question for anyone reading this... will you guys prefer to be in a team together? maybe someone from CiA can be IC for Kilo-3, and you all part of the same team (if you work better that way, or will have more fun).... or would you rather be mixed and split around, which will also be nice.

For now, i have put you in Kilo-1 and Kilo-2... Dalken  Kilo-1 rifleman(medic), and Phantom as Kilo-2 LMG Gunner, but will change based on the response from above if required : )
@Dalken, @Phantom,

Mjolnir66 has reserved the IC role for Kilo-3.   Did you guys want to stay were you are, or would you rather be in same team as Mjolnir66
I'd prefer same team if possible.

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Ah field medic is fine then. Id like to be on a team with some CIA members in it.
Gunner for section 3 please Smile
roster updated... Section 3 = Section CiA lol  (for now)
I don't mind having a few strangers mixed in, i just don't want to be in a full squad of strangers.
I'm game- Section 3, but if needed I have no problem switching.
I'm up for joining on Saturday night. I would prefer to be a Heavy Machine gunner if possible in a squad with people I've played with! Let me know if I can join!
I can switch to marksman if you want mg stick. What weapon and sight is marksman? If its mid range should be fine. I'm not too use to full on sniper in ACE.

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