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Full Version: Capture Katkoula (COOP 28)
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The Pacific has become the next potential flashpoint arena. The Chinese looking to expand even further and seize critical natural resources have declared Tanoa their own. The USA who are already tied up with other similar moves by the Chinese in the region has asked their Allies the United Kingdom to assist on the Islands of Tanoa.

Having now secured the airstrip at Bala (Camp Sabre), the need to secure the rest of the island is a high priority.

UKHQ Intelligence now believes the CSAT forces are more stretched than previously anticipated. Nevertheless, CSAT forces have managed to place some AA and AT defences to hamper our resupply efforts.

It is understood that an under-strength CSAT Company has been reactively deployed in Katkoula

UKHQ needs the Island secure to establish a proper foothold.

[Image: capture-katkoula.png]

Mechanised and Motorised British Infantry with 3 core objectives. This is the second mission in my British Tanoa campaign.

Helo CAS slots are also available, but not a requirement for completion.

Uses the FHQ Mission Template.
Sounds great! Uploaded!
Updated - Removed dependency on LAMB WPs and used function calls instead.
Updated Mission to include the following.

Additional objectives specifically for CAS earlier in the mission.

More variable placements of OPFOR.

A working End Game Trigger!