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Full Version: Crippling St. George (COOP 20)
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The Pacific has become the next potential flashpoint arena. The Chinese looking to expand even further and seize critical natural resources have declared Tanoa their own. The USA who are already tied up with other similar moves by the Chinese in the region has asked their Allies the United Kingdom to assist on the Islands of Tanoa.

Having now secured the airstrip at Bala (Camp Sabre) and more recently the South West Island. UKHQ now need to address the aerial threat from the South East Island and its CSAT Controlled Airport. UKHQ Intelligence believes CSAT are scrambling to prepare for a counter-attack. Which will likely be staged from the South East Island.

Therefore, UKHQ has tasked UKSF units to insert and destroy the primary targets, clearing the way for CAS to destroy the armoured and amphibious targets.

[Image: crippling-stgeorge.png]

UKSF Units (2 sections) with CAS Pilots - Pilots are required.

2 Core Objectives and 2 Secondary Objectives

This is the third mission in my British Tanoa campaign.

Uses the FHQ Mission Template.

Thanks to Mjolnir for the UKSF Loadouts
Wonderful! Uploaded.
Updated - Removed dependency on LAMB WPs and used function calls instead.