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Full Version: Broadside [Co16]
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Syndikat Pirates have captured two US destroyer class naval ships on Tanoa. These are the USS Liberty and the USS Lincoln. Both ships specialize in certain firepower capabilities.

The USS Liberty has incredible anti-air capabilities. This includes 5 Mk21 Centurion weapon platforms, as well as a Mk45 Hammer artillery weapon platform. The USS Lincoln has incredible sea-to-ground firepower. This includes 2 Praetorian 1C weapon platforms, 2 Mk49 Spartan weapon platforms, and 2 Mk45 Hammer weapon platforms.

The codes to access the weapons on the ship did not fall into enemy hands. Both ships were put into lockdown moments after Syndikat began their attack. Syndikat may find a way to re-activate the weapons if we do not respond though.

4 CTRG diver teams on board the HMS Proteus will insert underwater out of sight to avoid alarming the Pirates, then move in to secure the ships.
Sounds great, uploaded!