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Full Version: Tractor Mule (SP/CO12)
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A bunch of civilians are in a conflict torn Livonia when they spotted an American research plane being shot down and a scientist by the name of Dr. Holloway was captured. Head to Branzow Castle to save Dr. Holloway if possible and find a way to get some foreign involvement in Livonia to get the hell out of there.

You got your trusty tractor loaded with some HE RPG rounds if that helps.

- Spectator Slots
- Zeus slots
- Side Respawn
- Dedicated server compatible
- Scalable difficulty for 2 players and 7 players coop and singleplayer
- Tractor and a lot of RPG (although not the best HE round country)

Updated mission:
- Include Dr. Holloway specific information in briefing
- Added start marker