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Full Version: CUP: ACR Dolina BTR Robbery
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After pro communist terrorist operations have been increasing around northern Bystrica, ACR SF units have been deployed to steal some intel and investigate further terrorist cell operations in the region. They have a BRDM HQ vehicle with some encrypted hard drives inside of it. Although it may be old Soviet vehicles, they've bought an upgraded smart lock mechanism to prevent us from completely hotwiring and stealing the vehicle.

Luckily there's a flash drive with the encryption override in the shack nearby that'd unlock it after a minute. We need to retrieve that flash drive, unlock the BRDM, and then drive it to the drop off zone so the rest of our forces can ferry back the BRDM to extract data from the terrorist cell.

Mission: Steal the BRDM

- Spectator slots
- Zeus slots
- Side Respawn
- Dedicated Server compatible
- Will scale down enemy size for 5 or less players
- ACE will grant 3 flashbangs for all friendlies
- ACE will grant huntIR and 8 huntIR underbarrel grenades for team leaders