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Full Version: CUP: 75th Naw On My Watch
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75th Rangers go save Dr. Ahmed, their informant while he is being interrogated by Al Queda fighters. He has information about the situation in Naw. We must save him then learn about the current situation. If necessary, we are the closest forces to Naw and may have to secure it.

Please be mindful to not shoot civilians!

- Spectator Slots
- Zeus Slots
- Side Respawn
- Dedicated Server compatible
- Adjustable difficulty (singleplayer, 5, 9, or 11 players)
- ACE compatibility (blood, flashbangs, range stuff for snipers)
Updated mission:

* Move AI out of 3 garrisoned buildings and have them patrol instead
* Move players position back to prevent premature execution of hostage
* Remove bullshit MG position
* Force executioner to stand up
Updated mission

* Fix player scale mode not working on MP due to reserved variable