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Full Version: EM Bridge (CO13)
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EMP Device knock out everything and Syndicate terrorists are celebrating. Your CTRG group is sent to investigate increasing CSAT activity on Tanoa as well as the conflict between Syndicate, CSAT, and our western counterparts. Unfortunately, an EMP device just went off and we lost contact with HQ and everything on the bridge went to hell.

One of our important plane crash landed on the bridge so we'll need to get to it and retrieve the laptop then get to a working boat and escape Tanoa.

* Spectator slots
* Zeus slots
* Dedicated server compatible
* You get HK416 if you have CUP weapons loaded
* ACE compatibility (medics get extra blood)
* Semi dynamic (semi different bridge composition is selected per start and certain enemy count or composition are randomly spawned)
* Semi scalable (you can toggle in MP parameters to reduce enemy count if you're 8 players or less)

You can play this on singleplayer if you like, but the AI pathfinding on the bridge is quite horrendous. Enemy count will scale though.

Thanks to Chopper for some Makeshift Barricade-Cars: