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Problems with TS3 and TFAR - doveman - 07-24-2017

I had a couple of problems last night, which I've now fixed or found workarounds for so thought I'd share in case it helps someone else or someone knows how to fix, rather than workaround, my TFAR problem.

Firstly with TS3 I found I couldn't map Insert to my PTT key. Pressing Insert on my keyboard just set it to Num0 and all the keys in that cluster (Home, Delete, End) also just registered as Num keys. I worked around that last night but I've just updated TS3 (I was only one update out of date) and it's working normally again now. 

The other problem was with TFAR. I've always used Shift+' (the key to the left of Enter) to trigger my short-range and that's mapped to a mouse button but last night it was taking about 1-1.5 seconds after pressing it before TFAR would trigger, so apologies if the start of my comms were getting cut off. Testing today I've found that using the keyboard there's no such problem but even with a different combo (Shift+O) mapped to the mouse I still have this delay, which never happened before and Ctrl+' mapped to another mouse button for long range doesn't have this problem. My mouse firmware/software hasn't been updated in ages, so something seems to have changed in Arma or TFAR. Anyway, I've just mapped it to ' on it's own now and that works fine using the mouse but if anyone has any idea what's up with that, it would be nice to know.